Spontaneously Citrus

Ingredients: bergamot, orange blossom, tangerine and lemon.

It is a fresh and invigorating and extremely fragrant essence obtained from the oils of various fruits and flowers.

Here you will find intense notes of lemon and bergamot, clear and vivid, balanced with the floral hue of the tangerine, which provides a more floral smell within the citrus notes and its great tenacity allows to lengthen the citric contribution within the base of the perfume and the Elegant freshness of orange blossom.


Naughtily Fruity

Ingredients: Muguet, red fruits, apple and jasmine.

Composed of green flowers and frosty fruits, it is a unique essence that offers an opulent sensation on the skin.

The drops of muguet give jasmine floral chords a very characteristic and key transparent wrapping if a floral and fresh connotation is sought in turn. It is a young, informal, refreshing and relaxing fragrance.

Coffers with Naughtily Fruity

Rose Symphony

Ingredients: Rosa.

Its petals give away the most complex and delicate fragrances of nature.

In the olfactory symphony offered by the rose petal we find a fresh pepper effect accompanied by a slight reminiscence of cloves, a sweet fruity sensation reminiscent of the velvety peach skin and a greenish sensation. Therefore, this essence has fruity and spicy touches creating a complex but at the same time sublime and exquisite perfume.


Night-Blooming Jasmine

Ingredients: Jasmine

The flower is collected at dawn since it is when it offers a spectacular olfactory effect and when its petals have the highest indole content, a component highly appreciated by perfumers.

It contains all the elements for seduction. With musk it would be the most "natural" combination. Small doses with the freshest bases, will provide seduction and depth.

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Luxury in Wood

Ingredients: cedar, patchouli and vetiver.

Dense and serene, this essence expands slowly overflowing the force of nature, the warmth of a log cabin and a burning fire. When you smell this essence you will transport yourself for a moment to a glamorous party, an art exhibition or a sophisticated restaurant. It gives off elegance, pure luxury.

Ideal to provide warmth and volume to the freshest notes. In excess it will contribute masculinity to the combination.


Intimate Vanilla

Ingredients: vanille.

When inhaled, transports us to bucolic places of dreams, exotic and lost corners of the universe.

Ideal to bring character to the skin. It can go with any base in any combination.

Coffers with Intimate Vanilla

Skin to Skin

Ingredients: musk and sandalwood.

It brings notes of freshly cut wood with a resinous sweet and dairy effect that characterizes it. Combined with the musk enhances a sense of attraction for its aphrodisiac smell of clean skin. Skin to Skin is an enveloping essence that enhances the sexiest side of women.

Skin to Skin is an enveloping essence that enhances the sexiest side of women.