My childhood took place in the Pyrenees among fields of flowers and fruit trees. Perhaps it was that, and the fact that my family was linked to the world of perfumery. As a teenager, however, I decided to focus my studies on my other great delirium, technology; and what I thought was impossible came together and today I develop both passions professionally: perfume and technology.

Recuerdo que siempre me gustó ayudar a las personas a encontrar su olor preferido, lo que para mí era una especie de juego ahora es un negocio, un negocio con alma. Desde la empresa BE YOU queremos que nuestros clientes se sientan únicos, desmarcados de las garras del marketing agresivo que unas cuantas marcas de perfumería desarrollan sin ninguna singularidad, que al final nos despersonalizan y nos convierten en gregarios.

Drawing a parallel with the fashion industry, I wonder if all of us would want to wear exactly the same uniform from a possible sample of 30 models, for example, even if they were designed by the best seamstress in the world.
We are looking for a certain character and exclusivity when it comes to dressing, aren't we?
That is why I think that our scent must also be unique and that is why I decided to found this wonderful company.

l'aroma més obscur



I was born and raised in La Seu d'Urgell (Lérida, Spain), a small town nestled in the Catalan Pyrenees that has been the backdrop for my personal and professional development.

Its natural landscapes conditioned my childhood, adolescence and even my curriculum and after 3 years in Barcelona studying computer engineering (at the UB) I decided to continue my university career from home, attracted by the clean air and the crystal clear waters of the rivers of the place where I grew up.

That is why the company BE YOU represents me fully and allows me to communicate with my clients from authenticity; from the naturalness of offering perfume essences based on sustainability, which is absent in so many commercial brands that are governed only by consumerism standards. 

This has been BE YOU's main mission: to offer a different experience. To be able to give our users the possibility to sit back and relax by creating their own fragrance.  From a wonderful place in the middle of the mountains, we have been able to create an intoxicating project, which allows a journey to the senses, a little forgotten with the current hustle and bustle of life.

Beyou is a reflection of the natural environment that is part of my story and perhaps yours.

any que hem viscut
perfum caixa blanca

"The only way to be irreplaceable is always to be different" - Coco Chanel