Intimate Vanilla


Ingredients: vanille.

When inhaled, transports us to bucolic places of dreams, exotic and lost corners of the universe.

Ideal to bring character to the skin. It can go with any base in any combination.

Greatly feminine essence that denotes proximity, intimacy, voluptuousness. Your smell will be familiar, inviting and attractive. Offering a sweeter side reminiscent of the sweet tooth.

EFECTO ANTISÉPTICO: Todos nuestros perfumes contienen un 60% de alcohol.


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quality and rarity...

Each essence of Beyou PERFUMS has been individually selected by our olfactory creator, designer for the most prestigious stores around the world. Selected among the producers of independent essences, for their excellence in quality and unique character, these exceptional essences have been developed locally in perfect harmony with the community and the nature around them.

the nose...

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