Gel hidroalcohólico 5L con extracto de Aloe Vera

Hydroalcoholic gel sanitizing beYou, It is a specific product for hand hygiene that acts in depth without the need for rinsing or drying.
Its special formula creates a protective film that allows the gel to continue working even after its complete absorption. Thanks to the Aloe Vera also provides an extra softness and hydration, maintaining the balance of the skin and allowing its use as many times as necessary.



High quality hydroalcoholic gel with Aloe Vera extract

How to use

Apply one or two doses of the product and rub your hands until completely absorbed. Do not rinse or dry after application. Repeat the application whenever a deep cleaning of the hands is required with the sanitizing hydroalcoholic gel.


External use. Do not eat. Avoid contact with the eyes and mucosa. Do not apply on irritated or damaged skin. Keep out of the reach of children.

We are a company with social responsibility

Fix the inhabitants to the territory avoiding their emigration

Production of crops with enough added value to achieve a generational replacement that works the fields avoiding abandonment and rural depopulation.

We intend to help cooperative structures to increase the yield per hectare.

By cultivating aromatic and medicinal plants to obtain quality essential oils.

beYou Fragrances wants to create perfumes, other quality products, and once the demand is generated, we will refer to the cooperatives, the production of essential oils. Minimizing the risk to farmers.

Opportunity for young perfumers and a test bench

Provide young emerging talents with a means to make their creations on our platform hoping that it will allow them to attract attention to their talent.

Also for the most consolidated it is a test bench for risky proposals that would hardly be seen by the conventional channels.

Provide users with the possibility of making perfumes easily and access a large number of high-quality recipes.

Our business model is innovative since some propose personalized perfumes, others have an olfactory preference test but nobody is able to provide the experience of creating a perfume.

The perfumery sector is changing in recent years

The brands of great designers gave way to celebrities and, increasingly, author perfumery gains more weight. This is where our philosophy comes into play.

A way to create your own identity through the sense of smell. This system allows us to turn the purchase of a perfume into an experience.

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