BeYou Fragrances is born with a triple mission

1.- Fix the inhabitants avoiding their migration.

  • Produce crops with sufficient added value to achieve a generational change that works the fields avoiding abandonment and rural depopulation.
  • We aim to help cooperative structures increase yield per hectare.
  • By cultivating aromatic and medicinal plants to obtain quality essential oils.</li
  • beYou Fragrances wants to create perfumes, and once the demand is generated, we will refer to cooperatives, the production of essential oils. Minimizing risk for farmers.


2.- Give the first opportunity to young perfumers and a test bench to consolidated.

  • Provide emerging young talents with a means for them to earn their first income by performing their creations on our platform hoping to enable them to draw attention to their talent.
  • For the most consolidated perfumers is a test bench for risky proposals that would hardly see the light through conventional channels.


3.- Provide users with the possibility of perfumes in a simple way and access to a large number of high quality recipes.

  • Our business model is innovative because some propose personalized perfumes, others have a test of olfactory preferences but no one is able to provide the experience of creating a perfume.


The perfumery sector is changing in recent years. The brands of great designers gave way to those of celebrities and, every time, it gains more weight the perfumery of author.

In a homogenous and globalized society, each individual seeks his space of originality. A way to create your own identity through the sense of smell. The niche perfumery is in clear boom. Our proposal is to create high quality perfumes, being able to make fragrances customized according to the tastes and needs of each client, at any time.

Our idea is to create high quality perfumes from safes. This system allows us to convert the purchase of a perfume into an experience.

We provide everything you need to create fragrances. The perfumers provide a lot of recipes very easy to create according to the preferences of each user, for the client to experience at home.

Producers provide the raw materials of the best quality, as demand increases we will be diverting the production of essential oils to farmers always under fair trade premises and quality.