Each season has its own perfumes and in summer, trends favor fruity, floral or citrus perfumes. This is due to its refreshing aroma, perfect for hot days.

For the day, the most frequent fragrances are those that are composed of:

Citrus notes (lemon, orange…) are fresh and revitalizing, which generates a change of attitude full of energy.

Spontaneously Citrus is created based on bergamot, orange blossom, tangerine and lemon. It is undoubtedly an extremely fresh and invigorating essence.

Fruity notes (red fruits, coconut, apple …) fruity perfumes have the same faculties as citrus, so if you like sweet smells more, Naughtily Fruity essence is a great choice, since it is created with muguet , red fruits, apple and a touch of jasmine.

And at night?

On summer nights more perfumes are used with floral notes due to their femininity, freshness and elegance. The most used are:
– The jasmine flower has a scent that rejuvenates and revitalizes your mood. In addition, it contains all the elements for seduction. Night-Blooming Jasmine is an essence created with jasmine petals collected at dawn

Roses give a delicate perfume, one of the most sensual and captivating on the planet.
Rose Symphony is an essence created with natural rose petals and with a formula that will make roses fill every part of your body.

Vanilla have relaxing effects and is present in many perfumes this season due to its sweetness. Intimate Vanilla is a very feminine essence that denotes proximity and intimacy.

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