Many scientists have shown that odors influence our mood.
These are some of the smells that make us happier, surely many will surprise you!

  1. Citrus: citrus fruits such as lemon or orange, reduce stress and give us vitality, this is because we associate their smell with clean, fresh places that make us feel good.

2.Freshly cut grass: Australian scientists discovered that when a lawn is cut, a chemical is released that produces a relaxing effect on the inhaler.

3. Talc for babies: Experts say that their smell brings happiness to parents because they evoke memories of when their children were small.

4. Rosemary: rosemary is a brain stimulant, scientists have shown that it increases the ability to remember. That’s why many people use it to study!

5. Mint: The oil obtained from this leaf elevates the mood and stimulates the mind and the body. For this reason, many athletes smell it with the aim of obtaining a better performance and breathing much better.

6. Sunscreens: according to the researchers, this smell puts us in a good mood because we associate it with vacations, the beach … and this produces good humor.

7. Pine: the aroma of pine helps reduce anxiety. Japanese scientists found that people walking through a pine forest significantly reduced their levels of anxiety.

8. Lavender: this aromatic silver is well known for its soothing effects, which is why many people use it to combat insomnia, anxiety and depression.