The climate affects the perfume in all the senses, which is why it is preferable to use a different one in each season and follow

1. In summer, the heat causes the perfume to evaporate faster, so it is better to apply the amount but several times. A good option is to carry a small vaporizer in your bag.

2. In addition, the heat also causes the fragrance to intensify, so that the environment can be charged immediately. Therefore, at this time it is advisable to opt for light and refreshing perfumes, at least when the sun is present.

3. For the day, the most used perfumes in summer are undoubtedly the floral and citrus, because they are very fresh and give us a great vitality.

4. At night, the floral and even oriental notes with woody touches show a great personality. If you want to seduce with the smell, choose perfumes with notes of vanilla or jasmine, infallible son.

5. When applying perfume in summer, the best parts of the special sensitive body. Keep in mind that applying perfume to very sweaty areas with open pores can lead to dermatitis and skin irritations.

The dolls or the clothes are a good option to throw perfume, nevertheless, there is a lot of care with the area of ​​the neck and the neckline if it gives you to give the sun.

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